Justin Fuente On First Impression Of QB Paxton Lynch

Former Memphis head coach Justin Fuente tells Seth Davis what he thought of quarterback Paxton Lynch when he first saw him throw.

  • July 28,2016

Celebrity Endorsements For Big 12 Expansion | The Feed

Memphis native Justin Timberlake is endorsing his Tigers to join the Big 12. In this edition of “The Feed, brought to you by Cici’s Pizza,” Campus Insiders’ Shae Peppler calls on other celebrities to endorse their hometown teams, including celebs from Cincinnati, Houston and Orlando.

  • May 5,2016

Why Big 12 Should Rethink Expansion

New research says the Big 12 has a better chance of making the College Football Playoff if it adds two teams. Campus Insiders’ Shae Peppler spoke with college sports business insider Kristi Dosh about Big 12 expansion and the possibility of Wichita State joining the Mountain West Conference.

  • February 28,2014

The Seth Davis Show: Josh Pastner

Memphis coach Josh Pastner talks about his Tigers' tourney chances in 2014, what he learned at Kentucky and Arizona and much more.

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