How Far Can QB Tanner McKee Take Stanford?

Our Michael Felder breaks down the game of Stanford QB Tanner McKee.

  • February 8,2022

Why Stanford Will Cover vs. UCLA

Stanford hosts UCLA on Tuesday night in a Pac-12 contest. Brad Evans explains why he's betting on the Cardinal in his Sledgehammer Special.

  • November 28,2020

Austin Jones Powers His Way into End Zone

Bringing multiple Cal defenders with him, Stanford RB Austin Jones bulldozed his way into the end zone, giving the Cardinals the go-ahead TD and eventual win.

  • November 25,2020

Now Introducing: Stanford’s Ziaire Williams

Stanford's Ziaire Williams is one of the most skilled forwards in college basketball. He discusses what it was like growing up in a military family and what Stanford fans can expect from him in 2020.

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