What Is Carmelo Anthony’s Basketball Legacy?

Olympic gold medalist Carmelo Anthony has retired from the game of basketball. Camron Smith and Harrison Sanford break down his legacy on “Inside the Association.” How will he be remembered?

  • March 10,2023

Jim Boeheim: Analyzing His Legacy at Syracuse

Adrian Autry has been elevated to Syracuse head coach but you don't really want to be the guy to replace "the guy." But our guys on "Inside College Hoops", Jeff Goodman and Doug Gottlieb, break down Jim Boeheim's legacy.

  • January 31,2023

Is It Time for Jim Boeheim to Retire From Syracuse?

Syracuse has missed three of the last four NCAA Tournaments. So does Jeff Goodman and Doug Gottlieb think Jim Boeheim should hang it up? They talk life without the zone at Syracuse on Inside College Hoops.


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