SEC Football Vibes: Crying In Sports

Take a look at what we’re vibing on in the SEC, including Bret Bielema opining on crying in sports and an update on Auburn running back coach Tim Horton still blocking me on Twitter.

My German soccer team, Hamburg SV, is in dead last in the Bundesliga, having earned just two points in 10 total matches. I’m despondent, and they are for sure to be …you know what? I wasted your time with my ode to the Cubs last week, so I’m not going to go into how my beloved Die Rothosen are the only club to have never been relegated from the top league and how I’m planning on attending a match at Volksparkstadion with my friends Marco and Gert in February. * No. I’m going to fully focus on SEC football because that is why you are here.

[Editor’s Note: According to Google Translate, “bescheiden prahlen” is German for “humblebrag”]

I’ve been vibing on some Fettes Brot music lately, along with a renewed partnership with my bed after a month-long hiatus that only had us seeing each other after late nights of me being mentally and physically exhausted from the MLB postseason. It is a relationship I can’t afford to lose.

It is that time again, so put away all of your campaign signs, grab a Fresca, and settle in for some great rivalry games as we thrust the throttle with our latest SEC Football Vibes.

Erik Czupryn
Erik Czupryn

– Les Miles recently came out and said that he loves what Jim Harbaugh is doing at Michigan, his alma mater. I find it interesting that Miles hasn’t said anything about what Ed Orgeron has done with LSU. If you were Miles, what would you do? I feel like I would be torn between cheering for the players I recruited, the fans that loved me for so long, and the school that I owed so much to. On the other hand, seeing Orgeron fail in the big game against Alabama would have made me feel SOOOOOOOOO good.

“Oh, you think you can just take over and beat Alabama? Good luck with that, Ed.”

– Tim Horton Twitter Watch: Yep, still weirdly blocked by the Auburn running back coach. I will continue to bring this up until I get an explanation or he unblocks me. Speaking of the Auburn running game, Kam Pettway went over 1,000 rushing yards for the season in the win against Vanderbilt this past Saturday, making it eight consecutive seasons that the Tigers have fielded a 1,000-yard rusher. Horton is the man! (Please unblock me.)

– The SEC announced that former Alabama head coach Gene Stallings, former Florida head coach Steve Spurrier, and former SEC commissioner Roy Kramer will be performing the coin toss at the conference championship game in Atlanta. So, here is my question: how awkward would it be if the game is between Auburn and Tennessee, which can still possibly happen? Those two former coaches are going to get booed mercilessly.

– Bret Bielema mentioned on the weekly SEC teleconference that a grown man should not be afraid to show his emotional side and have a good cry when he wants. I totally agree. I cry because of many occasions: favorite team won a championship, friends getting married, a dog dies in a movie, last call at the bar. I’m worse than Dick Vermeil.

– Speaking of crying, I am still scarred from my parents taking me to see the movie Turner & Hooch when I was eight years old. Poor Hooch.

– Our colleague here at Campus Insiders headquarters, Jeff Bartl, regularly gripes about how “bias” our editorial and social media staff can be just because five of us happen to have graduated from SEC schools. You know what, Jeff? Get over it. Your time will come once basketball begins and you start typing things like “Is This Izzo’s Best Team Yet?” and “Can Purdue Make The Leap?” and “Hoosier Daddy: An Examination Of How Long It Took Tom Crean To Conceive His Three Children.” Seriously, Jeff, we aren’t going to apologize that your Spartans are so terrible this football season, and that watching a full Big Ten game is the equivalent of Buzz Killington from Family Guy.

– I like the man, but I’m also starting to get the feeling that Barry Odom is in over his head as a head coach. Missouri has been, well, not good this season. When Will Muschamp has to give you a pep talk about being a head coach, you know you might be in trouble.

– This week is the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry, the annual game between Auburn and Georgia. Let’s never forget that time in 1986 when Georgia fans stormed the Jordan-Hare Stadium field after a win and had the firehoses turned on them. THAT is a rivalry moment, my friend.

– Lastly, I would like to congratulate the man that sits next to me in the office, Texas A&M alumnus Erik Czupryn, who makes the cover photo for my Vibes each week, on his engagement to his longtime girlfriend Jen (her real name is Stephanie, but I like to call her Jen). I’m going to be extremely busy over the next year to year-and-a-half planning this momentous wedding. My speech will be epic, though.

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