SEC Football Vibes: Why Punish Vanderbilt With Shreveport?

Take a look at what we’re vibing on in the SEC, including wondering what Derek Mason and the Vanderbilt Commodores did to deserve the punishment of Shreveport.

Let’s be frank: that was not the best SEC Championship Game this past Saturday. You know, unless you are Nick Saban and looking to show that you still control the conference with a firm-handed (small) fist. I started working on other things halfway through the third quarter as the game got out of hand. To be fair, that is exactly how the Georgia Dome should go out: with a blowout.

I’ve been vibing on the Hamilton mixtape lately, especially Usher’s version of “Wait For It,” MRIs on my foot that will seemingly never heal, and wondering if Lane Kiffin will ever be in Nick Saban’s good graces again if he decides not to coach in the College Football Playoff.

Oh yeah, it is that time again, so let’s not waste any more time as we dive into the latest edition of our SEC Football Vibes.

– Can things get any worse for Butch Jones in Tennessee? Sure, he got a big commitment, but the way things are going for the Volunteers, I am expecting the head coach to be convicted of insider trading or something. I mean, he would probably get off (cough-Phil Mickelson-cough) because he is rich, but at this point nothing would surprise.

– This has nothing to do with SEC football, but I recently met a man who is a PGA pro outside of Chicago that has played golf with Fred Couples a few times. He is now my best friend and, well he doesn’t know it yet, will be my way of meeting Boom Boom.

– Alabama has lost three scholarship quarterback this season, and everyone is trying to make a big deal out of it. Don’t even try. This is Saban. He has two studs in this upcoming recruiting class. Oh, and Jalen Hurts is a true freshman. I would transfer too if I were the other three, because there is no way they will see time with Hurts commanding everything.

– There were a lot of people talking about their favorite Verne Lundquist moments last week as he gets set to retire, but mine is when he literally screamed “OHHHH NO!!!” when Ricardo Louis got the Prayer at Jordan-Hare. I’m not saying that Uncle Verne had a rooting interest in the game, but it seems like it every time I watch that.

– Wherever Jarrett Stidham ends up, that team will immediately become a lot better on offense and have a chance to compete for the SEC title next season. Not even Doug Nussmeier could screw Stidham up, right? RIGHT?

– I wonder which fan base – Alabama or Washington – will have more fans in the Georgia Dome for the Peach Bowl? Why even waste the Crimson Tide’s time? You should just play this in Bryant-Denny, because that is how it is going to feel for the Huskies with all the crimson flooding the stands.

– Speaking of bowls, Vanderbilt earns its first bowl trip in the Derek Mason era and get rewarded with a trip to Shreveport. I use the word “reward” extremely lightly. I’m sure the Commodores will get plenty of rest while there since the nightlife isn’t exactly amazing. What did Mason ever do to the bowl selection committee that he has to spend several days in “The Next Great City of the South.” (Yes, that is really the city’s motto. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and Wikipedia is NEVER wrong.)

– It isn’t exactly the bowl game that Bret Bielema was hoping for when the season started, but at least he’ll be able to stock up on clothes thanks to the free swag from Belk. (Please sponsor me. I want free clothes!)

– Dan Mullen wanted the Oregon job and was beat out by a guy that has a 40-45 overall head coaching record in Willie Taggart. That must be a real punch in the gut.

– I am really looking forward to the first time a Georgia player gets arrested this offseason and someone (maybe me?) has the guts to write a Would Georgia Be Better Off If They Had Kept Richt? column that has no reason to be published but, hey, sometimes you have an idea that you think is good and turns out horrible. You know, like hiring a coach because he was good as the interim head man.

– Something else I am looking forward to: a new motto for the SEC. “It Just Means More” has become a bit stale.

– Lastly, this picture of three dogs licking and kissing Gus Malzahn is something we all need after the year 2016 has been.

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