South Dakota State Coach Eric Henderson Signs Five-Year Contract: Salary, Buyout, Incentives

South Dakota State promoted for assistant coach Eric Henderson to be the school’s head coach after T.J. Otzelberger was hired by UNLV. Henderson signed a five-year contract with South Dakota State.

Stadium obtained a copy of the signed contract via public records request.

His annual base salary is $275,000 but he’ll have the opportunity to earn supplemental compensation starting in the 2021-22 fiscal year:

  • FY22: Minimum of $25,000
  • FY23: Minimum of $25,000
  • FY24: Minimum of $50,000


Henderson can earn the following performance-based incentives:

  • 20+ wins in the regular season: $10,000
  • Summer League regular season (co-)championship: $10,000
  • Summer League tournament championship: $10,000
  • NCAA Tournament game win (per win)
    • Round of 32: $35,000
    • Sweet 16: $40,000
    • Elite Eight: $50,000
    • Final Four: $100,000
    • National Championship: $200,000
  • National Coach of the Year: $10,000
  • Summit League Coach of the Year: $5,000
  • Regular season win against a team from the ACC/Big 12/Big Ten/SEC/Pac-12/AAC/Big East: $5,000
  • Team’s single-year APR score exceeds the NCAA and Summit League 975 bonus minimum: $2,500
  • Team GPA over 3.0: $2,500


Henderson will receive a membership to the Brookings Country Club, which has an approximate value of $1,775 per year, as well as a cell phone stipend.

If the university terminates his contract without cause, it will pay him the full amount of his base compensation for up to a period of one year or until the end of the contract term, whichever is sooner.

Henderson agrees to make a reasonable effort to secure similar employment elsewhere.

If Henderson chooses to terminate the contract, he’ll owe the university $275,000 within 60 days.

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