Stadium’s 2023 NFL Mock Draft

Former NFL linebacker Joshua Perry and football analyst Michael Felder are co-hosts on Stadium’s “Inside the League” weekdays at 2:00 p.m. ET. Leading up to this weekend’s NFL Draft, JP and Felder compiled their own mock draft. Find Joshua on Twitter @RIP_JEP and Michael @InTheBleachers and let them know your thoughts!

1) Carolina Panthers (from Chicago) | Bryce Young – QB, Alabama

“He’s gotta be the No. 1 overall pick. I would love to see him come to [Charlotte], I would love to see this guy play for the Carolina Panthers. He is someone who, for me, I just think he’s super talented, but in that room there are going to be guys that say, ‘He doesn’t fit the bill. He’s not big enough. He doesn’t have a strong enough arm.’ And that’s the part where the discrepancy is going to come from with respect to those guys that are in that war room.” – Michael Felder

2) Houston Texans | C.J. Stroud – QB, Ohio State

“I think there has to be a voice of reason in the room for the Texans, if Bryce Young is the first overall player taken, that C.J. Stroud is a guy that you can put into your franchise and he can change things around, because otherwise you’re going to be noncompetitive for another year and you’re gonna be waiting around to see if one of these other quarterbacks can come save you. The guy’s probably sitting right there, and I think somebody should be urging them to take him.” – Joshua Perry

3) Arizona Cardinals | Tyree Wilson – EDGE, Texas Tech

“You can play him out there on the edge and he is going to tear it up, but he is a guy that you can kick down inside and probably get a better matchup on a guard in a pass-rush situation where you know that you can win. That, to me, sounds intriguing, because we can build a similar plan — this is not me saying that I think this guy’s gonna be J.J. Watt — but what I’m saying is you can build a similar defensive plan around Wilson if you take him in this spot.” – Joshua Perry

4) Indianapolis Colts | Hendon Hooker – QB, Tennessee

“I’m the GM. I’m Chris Ballard right now. I’m saying, ‘We have had a bad run of quarterbacks as of late. I know that we have a new head coach; I’m the next guy that’s gonna be out the door if we don’t get this thing right.’ And I look at Anthony Richardson and I say, ‘Boy, that’s a gamble. That’s a gamble, because if we can’t coach this guy the way that we believe we need to, we’re gonna be in a world of trouble.’ … I might be pounding the table for Hendon Hooker right now.” – Joshua Perry

“Hooker at four feels wild. That feels like you could slide down a little bit and get him.” – Michael Felder

“Are we gonna maybe get the upside? No. But do I know I’m gonna have some safety because we didn’t completely screw this up? Yes.” – Joshua Perry

5) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver) | Will Anderson Jr. – EDGE, Alabama

“If he’s there at this spot, other people have made terrible decisions, I think. This is a guy that can stone and hold the edge. He’s got the ability to knife inside, to make himself small. Yellowjackets, wasps, they don’t play around. They sting. If they could get Will Anderson, that’s a huge one for me.” – Michael Felder

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6) Detroit Lions (from L.A. Rams) | Jalen Carter – DT, Georgia

“He fits the bill, right? If I’m Dan Campbell, I’m like, ‘Give me this guy and I can wreak havoc in my division.'” – Michael Felder

“I know what some of the concerns might be with Jalen Carter, but you’re getting one of the best players in the draft right now at a position of need. … When he’s going, he’s one of the best on the field who can change your organization. I see that guy and I’m intrigued by the pick.” – Joshua Perry

7) Las Vegas Raiders | Christian Gonzalez – CB, Oregon

“The top corners are still right there on the board. We have our pick of the litter. … This is an organization that’s missed on some corner prospects here in some previous drafts — Gareon Conley, Damon Arnette, I could go through the list here — they need to get a guy that they can bring in and stabilize their franchise defensively. … [Christian Gonzalez] is a pure cover guy who’s got the ability to track the ball like a wide receiver.” – Joshua Perry

8) Atlanta Falcons | Anthony Richardson – QB, Florida

“Anthony Richardson is probably the most polarizing quarterback in this draft. You see so many great things on the tape but you also have a lot of questions to answer. … The questions are gonna come about whether he can learn and develop, be a little more accurate with the football, but somebody is gonna take a risk on a quarterback with his type of explosion.” – Joshua Perry

9) Chicago Bears (from Carolina) | Paris Johnson Jr. – OT, Ohio State

“For me, I need to see that offensive line improve this year. Justin Fields is in a critical spot; he cannot tolerate being hit any more for his own development and for the sake of the longevity of his career. So if I’m making this decision, I’m going Paris Johnson Jr., get him another Buckeye in that building who’s motivated to protect him.” -Joshua Perry

10) Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans) | Myles Murphy, EDGE, Clemson

“You can get a defensive back or you can get an edge rusher. Now that we’ve given Paris Johnson to the Bears, this is a question of Myles Murphy vs. Devon Witherspoon. How do you like that?” – Michael Felder

“This team looked like it didn’t really have a weakness at many points in the year until they played in that Super Bowl and they couldn’t get any pressure on Patrick Mahomes. Myles Murphy’s gotta be the pick here.” – Joshua Perry

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11) Tennessee Titans – Broderick Jones | OT, Georgia

“I think he fits into what they want to do. If you want to be an angry team who has Derrick Henry, get the angriest offensive lineman out there, and I think that’s Broderick Jones.” – Michael Felder

12) Houston Texans (from Cleveland) | Nolan Smith – EDGE, Georgia

“It’s hard for me to not slot Nolan Smith into every single space because I absolutely love this player. He is one of my favorites. I think he could be a true off-the-ball linebacker if that’s where he put his abilities to. He could also be — let’s say he gains 15 pounds — he could be a true edge rusher if that’s what he wanted to do. He is — and I don’t say this lightly — he is one of the perfect football players that I’ve ever seen.” – Michael Felder

13) Green Bay Packers (from N.Y. Jets) | Jaxon Smith-Njigba – WR, Ohio State

“The reality is, if you can get Jaxon Smith-Njigba for Jordan Love coming into his own, you get this guy kind of a security blanket, so I’m excited. I’m gonna pound the table for JSN all day. The big thing I like is when the ball’s in his hand, he runs like a running back.” – Michael Felder

14) New England Patriots | Brian Branch – S, Alabama

“Nick Saban. Bill Belichick. We know that they are cut from a similar cloth. We know that the defensive systems overlap in many different ways. They like to coach similarly, and I think that Bill Belichick is really gonna love the versatility that Branch is gonna provide you.” – Joshua Perry

15) New York Jets (from Green Bay) | Bryan Bresee – DT, Clemson

“I know they need defensive line help. I had Brian Branch here for a while, but you know what? If you can get this quiet kid from Clemson who’s just going to show up and do his job, this is a ‘lunch pail’ guy.” – Michael Felder

“The program that he comes from in Clemson, you know that he’s going to come in ready to work right away. You know that he’s going to be a guy who respects the game of football. Well educated. Very technical player, too.” – Joshua Perry

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16) Washington Commanders | Devon Witherspoon – CB, Illinois

“This is a team that we know that they’re gonna play a defense that Witherspoon translates to. … This is a defense that he fits into, and when they switch to [cover] two, he’s a guy that triggers.” – Michael Felder

“I think he’s really good value here at 16 and I love what you said about his fit because I think it is important for him to be in a defense that plays to his strengths.” – Joshua Perry

17) Pittsburgh Steelers | Joey Porter Jr. – CB, Penn State

“This one’s in my heart, okay? I am going Joey Porter Jr. I know they need other pieces, I know they need other guys. … Having Joey Porter Jr. on that team — I don’t know what the field’s called now, but having him run out onto that field Game 1, Steelers fans are gonna lose their mind.” – Michael Felder

18) Detroit Lions | Quentin Johnston – WR, TCU

“When he gets in open space, that’s one thing. But after he has the ball in his hands, he’s able to take it the distance. It’s what NFL teams are really looking for in their wide receivers, not just a guy who can just move the chains. But when you need an explosive play, you need somebody with the skillset of Quentin Johnston.” – Joshua Perry

19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Kelee Ringo – DB, Georgia

“Six-foot two, over 200 pounds, look at the length of those arms, I mean come on. I’m going Ringo here. He’s a super plussed-up Ronde Barber, if you ask me, and Ronde Barber did a lot of good work for the Bucs.” – Michael Felder

20) Seattle Seahawks | Calijah Kancey – DT, Pitt

“I think this guy can be an absolute game-wrecker. We talk about dudes that fit in this Pete Carroll system, I think he can be one of them.” – Joshua Perry

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21) Los Angeles Chargers | Darnell Washington – TE, Georgia

“I think he’s the most intriguing offensive player [in this draft]. But with Darnell Washington, a guy that is legitimately the size of LeBron James… This dude has 11-inch hands, are you kidding me? That’s insane. He can catch anything. He has to polish his route-running, he has to make things work, but I’m gonna pound the table for Darnell Washington.” – Michael Felder

22) Baltimore Ravens | Zay Flowers – WR, Boston College

“When you talk about elite speed, that’s what he possesses, and that’s the differentiator here for me.” – Joshua Perry

“What is he, two inches shorter than [Jordan] Addison but 10 pounds heavier? Okay, let’s play. Let’s do it.” – Michael Felder

23) Minnesota Vikings | Cam Smith – CB, South Carolina

“I look at the way that the Vikings’ defense played, specifically compared to that offense that was pretty efficient throughout the year, and I’m saying we have no choice but to get better on that side of the football. We can’t go a different position here; I think we need to get a premium guy in the first round on defense. I think Smith is one of those guys who will surprise some people who really didn’t watch a lot of South Carolina football, because he’s gonna be a really good player.” – Joshua Perry

24) Jacksonville Jaguars | Peter Skoronski – OT, Northwestern

“It just seems like not only really good value, but also a safe pick at this juncture in the draft.” – Joshua Perry

“Listen, you’ve gotta protect your face. This is an easy decision. … If he’s here, you have to take him.” – Michael Felder

25) New York Giants | Anton Harrison – OT, Oklahoma 

“He’s had a really good glow-up, if you will. He’s done more in pass pro than most of the other guys in the draft. He’s got reps, and his reps look really good.” – Michael Felder

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26) Dallas Cowboys | Dalton Kincaid – TE, Utah

“Dalton Schultz is now out of the building and we’ve got another Dalton sitting right there who plays tight end in Dalton Kincaid.” – Joshua Perry

“I think you’re right, especially because you think about the Cowboys, you think about Jason Witten. I think about having a tight end that just shows up constantly and consistently.” – Michael Felder

27) Buffalo Bills | Jalin Hyatt – WR, Tennessee

“We can get [a running back] round two, round three, and then we still get Hyatt, and so we can position ourselves where we can throw in some window dressing and then we also get Jalin Hyatt as an opportunity to help out our superstar quarterback.” – Michael Felder

“Stefon Diggs, we don’t know what his situation is in terms of his happiness there, so I guess you get some insurance by bringing in the weapon at wide receiver, so I think Jalin Hyatt is gonna be the pick here.” – Joshua Perry

28) Cincinnati Bengals | Michael Mayer – TE, Notre Dame

“I think it makes sense. They need a tight end in that situation. Joe Burrow I think can maximize what he does. One of my knocks on him that I’ve mentioned before, I think he lets the ball get too close to his body. He doesn’t pluck it out of the air, that’s something that’s gonna have to change when he gets to the next level.” – Joshua Perry

“But his route-running is so good.” – Michael Felder

29) New Orleans Saints (from San Francisco through Miami and Denver) | Lukas Van Ness – DL, Iowa 

“If the Saints picked at 17? If the Saints picked at 13, 14, they probably would have still gotten him. And now you get to get him here. … The big thing for me is Van Ness, he ran faster than Will Anderson, who we all agree is the best consistent pass rusher in the NFL Draft this year. He is physical. … 6’5″, 272, 4.58. Come on. Let’s do it.” – Michael Felder

30) Philadelphia Eagles | Bijan Robinson – RB, Texas

“They’ve got the luxury of picking twice in the first round. If Bijan is sitting here at 30, I don’t see why you wouldn’t do it. This is one of those situations where now, I’m scrapping what our team needs are because I’ll go and find that pass rusher elsewhere. I’m taking the best available player, somebody who I can pair with our franchise quarterback who I just paid a lot of money to, and we can make magic and make a run at another Super Bowl.” – Joshua Perry

31) Kansas City Chiefs | Darnell Wright – OT, Tennessee

“I think that we can have a gem right here. Somebody who can stabilize the offensive line, provide that protection for our quarterback, and let us continue to go out there and function offensively the way that we’ve done for the last handful of years that’s been one of the best offenses in the NFL.” – Joshua Perry

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