Stadium’s Final 2021 NCAA Tournament Bracket Projections

We have reached the finish line on a season of bracketology, and in a few hours we will have the answers as to who is in this year’s field. Here are a few notes on Stadium’s final bracket projections:

  • The upsets by Oregon State and Georgetown on Saturday made life easy at the bottom of the bracket. By winning their conference tournament, the Beavers and the Hoyas knocked two teams out of the field. Most likely, those teams came from a pool that included Ole Miss, Wichita State, Saint Louis and Colorado State.
  • Drake is easily the team that is the most vulnerable on the bracket. It would not surprise me if the committee left the Bulldogs out of the field and went with one of the other teams on the list above. It all depends on how the committee views the injury situation at Drake.
  • On the top few lines, the toughest call was the last No. 2 seed. I went with Houston over Oklahoma State and Texas because of the Cougars’ tremendous record.
  • Check out our Bracketology with TKBrackets Selection Show Podcast on Tuesday night. We will break down the field and give you tips on your bracket. You can also view on Facebook Live. Get caught up on all the past episodes right here at Buzzsprout or anywhere you to listen to your favorite podcasts.

LAST FOUR IN: Drake, Utah State, Louisville, UCLA
FIRST FOUR OUT: Ole Miss, Wichita State, Saint Louis, Colorado State
NEXT FOUR OUT: Boise State, Duke, Memphis, SMU

Big Ten: 9
ACC: 8
Big 12: 7
SEC: 6
Pac-12: 5
Big East: 4
MW: 2
A-10: 2
WCC: 2
MVC: 2