Stadium’s NCAA Tournament Projections – Friday, Feb. 8

On Saturday, the NCAA selection committee will unveil the top 16 teams in the bracket as they stand through Friday. The committee began meeting on Tuesday and through the week selected the top 24 teams. They then will narrow it down to 16 and announce the one through four seeds on CBS at 12:30 p.m. ET on Saturday.

It’s always a big day for bracketologist. It’s a chance to see how close your bracket is to the committees. It’s also a chance to examine what the committee values, although it may be a bit dangerous to read too much into it. I look at it like a 68 question test. And here we are at midterms and the instructor is giving us a peak at what 16 of the answers may be.

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And while it may be dangerous to read too much into Saturday’s top 16, it will give us a view on how the committee looks at the following teams:

Gonzaga: Do they have enough of a resume to replace Michigan as a one-seed, or will they be a solid two?

Nevada: Will they be a three-seed, a four-seed or dropped out of the top 16 because they have little quality on their resume? I doubt they will be left out, but where will they fall?

Houston: After the impressive win on the road at Central Florida, will the Cougars snatch a two-seed? They have the wins, but lack a lot of quality.

Kansas: How much have the KU injuries hurt their seeding, despite a very impressive resume?

LSU and Virginia Tech: Will either or both crack the top 16? Both teams are 18-4, but they have only three top-30 wins combined. I have both teams on the five line. It will be interesting to see if the committee puts one, or both, in the top 16.

Follow me on twitter @tkbrackets. I will tweet out my thoughts on the top 16 and what I think this committee valued on Saturday at the conclusion of the CBS broadcast.

A note about the automatic bids: In each conference, the team currently leading the league standings was given the automatic bid. Ties were broken using NET (NCAA Evaluation Tool), giving the auto bid to the team with the highest NET ranking.


UCF, NC State, Indiana, Seton Hall


Temple, Florida, Utah State, UNC-Greensboro


Butler, Georgetown, St. Mary’s, Nebraska



Big Ten (9)

ACC (8)

Big 12 (8)

SEC (7)

Big East (4)

AAC (3)

Pac-12 (2)

A-10 (2)

MAC (2)

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