Texas Tech Coach Mark Adams Suspended Pending Investigation

Texas Tech has suspended Mark Adams pending an investigation following an “inappropriate, unacceptable, and racially insensitive comment” made to a player last week.

Adams told Stadium that the comments he made were not racist, and that he was quoting a Bible verse when he told one of his players that there is “always a master and a servant.”

“I was quoting the scripture,” Adams told Stadium. “It was a private conversation about coaching and when you have a job, and being coachable.”

“I said that in the Bible that Jesus talks about how we all have bosses, and we all are servants,” Adams added. “I was quoting the Bible about that.”

Adams, 66, addressed the team the following day, but said it was to explain the situation. He said he did not apologize.

“One of my coaches said it bothered the player,” Adams said. “I explained to them. I didn’t apologize.” 

According to sources, Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt was notified of the incident by a staff member late last week, and reached out to the player’s family. In a statement, Texas Tech said that Hocutt immediately addressed the matter and issued a written reprimand. The school said it will conduct a “more thorough inquiry of Adams’ interactions with his players and staff.” 

There was also a separate incident earlier in the season the school is also investigating in which Adams spit on the player. Adams told Stadium he had gone to the doctor, had a bad cough and slobbered on the player during the game.

“I can spit on you whenever I want to,” one person close to the situation said Adams responded to the player.

“I don’t remember ever saying that,” Adams said. 

Adams is in his second season at the helm after being promoted from his spot as an assistant coach. Texas Tech was 27-10 last season and went to the Sweet 16, but the Red Raiders have struggled this season and are 16-15 overall and 5-13 in Big 12 play. Adams still has more than $7 million remaining on his contract. 

Texas Tech plays West Virginia in the first round of the Big 12 tournament on Wednesday.