Top Transfers: Immediately Eligible

Hopefully, you’ve managed to stay up to speed with the many college basketball players who will be transferring this spring, but who are the top names that are eligible to immediately play once the 2020-21 season officially tips off?

I’ve got you covered…

Top Transfers: Immediately Eligible

1) Justin Turner, 6-4, 205, SG, RS Jr., Bowling Green
Stats: 18.8 ppg, 4.6 rpg
Scout’s take: “Big-time three-level scorer. Has a gift for getting places with the ball. He is really good on or off the ball. He’s one of those guys, if he gets it going, you’re in for a long night. Whichever high-major he ends up at, he will likely be their best player.”
Schools: Louisville, Marquette, Iowa State,  Missouri, Arkansas, Xavier

2) Carlik Jones, 6-1, 180, G, RS Jr., Radford
Stats: 20.0 ppg, 5.5 apg, 5.0 rpg
Scout’s take: “He’s a true three-level scorer with an elite basketball IQ. Can play on or off the ball. He has a great change of speed and hesitation. He wants the ball in big moments and has made several game-winners in his career. He relishes being “The Guy.”
Schools: Louisville, West Virginia, Gonzaga, Maryland, Texas Tech, Michigan State, Marquette

3) Cartier Diarra, 6-4, 185, G, Grad, Kansas State
2019-20 stats: 13.3 ppg, 6.4 rpg
Scout’s take: “Really has the ability to create offense, but can get out of control at times. High-level athlete and change of pace speed. Takes and makes tough shots. At times, can be reckless. Thought he was much better as a sophomore because of who he was surrounded with.”

4) Dimencio Vaughn, 6-5, 220, SG, Grad, Rider
2019-20 stats: 14.8 ppg, 6.6 rpg, 39% 3-pointers
Scout’s take: “He can score inside and out. He’s a strong, athletic wing who is a MF’er. He’ll dunk on you at the rim, and his shot has gotten much better. He’s still learning to be a 3-man.”
Schools: UConn, Georgia, Ole Miss

5) Terrell Brown, 6-1, 175, G, Grad, Seattle
Stats: 20.7 ppg, 6.2 rpg, 4.9 apg
Scout’s take: “Physical, driving guard who is fearless and has a high-major body. He’s a high-major defender, but his weakness is his ability to shoot it from deep.”
Schools: Arizona, San Diego State, Boise State, Arkansas, Washington State, Washington, DePaul, Oregon State, BYU, Texas Tech, Utah State

6) Seth Towns, 6-7, 215, SF, Sr., Harvard
Stats: Did not play the last two years due to knee injury; 16.0 ppg, 5.7 rpg (2017-18)
Scout’s take: “Smooth, skilled combo-forward. Elite shooter — off catch, jab, bounce. Excellent ball-handler for a player his size. Creates offense for himself and others. An underrated passer, especially out of the pick and roll. Just an average athlete, but savvy in his ability to drive it and get by guys. The key will be rust since he’s coming off missing the past two seasons with a knee injury.”

7) Bryce Aiken, 6-0, 175, PG, Sr., Harvard
Stats: 16.7 ppg (7 games)
Scout’s take: “Dynamic scoring and playmaking guard. Uniquely gifted in his ability to create offense. Elite ball-skills and scoring package around the rim. High percentage shooter with limitless range — off bounce or catch. Extremely confident. Improved defender, especially on the ball. Undersized but makes up for it with his effort and toughness.”
Schools: Maryland, Michigan, Seton Hall, Iowa State

8) Jalen Tate, 6-6, 195, G, Grad, Northern Kentucky
2019-20 stats: 13.9 ppg, 5.4 rpg, 3.6 apg
Scout’s take: “He is a game-changer. With his size as a guard, he’s a tough matchup. Very good at getting to the rim, and in the post. Defensively, he can disrupt your offense with his length ands size. Very good rebounder. Not a great 3-point shooter.”
Schools: Arkansas, Cincinnati, Xavier, Wichita State, Tulane, Utah State, Penn State, Duquesne

9) Jordan Bruner, 6-9, 205, PF, Sr., Yale
Stats: 10.9 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 3.8 apg
Scout’s take: “His greatest attribute is his skill. Excellent feel for his size. That, plus his athleticism makes him a very tough matchup. Can float around at times.”
Schools: Baylor, Maryland, Alabama

10) Kevin Marfo, 6-8, 245, PF, RS Jr., Quinnipiac
Stats: 10.2 ppg, 13.3 rpg
Scout’s take: “He’s a physical, hard-playing center and one of the top rebounders in the country, especially on the offensive glass. Will help any team that needs a physical presence around the rim. Undersized for a high-major, but will compete. Scores on putbacks and drop-offs. Not great [with] back to basket.”

11) Mike Smith, 5-11, 185, PG, Sr., Columbia
Stats: 22.8 ppg, 4.1 rpg, 4.5 apg
Scout’s take: “High-level scoring point, scores off every action. Will have to guard better at the next destination to be really successful.”
Schools: Michigan, Arizona, Gonzaga, Seton Hall

12) E.J. Anosike, 6-6, 245, F, RS Jr., Sacred Heart
Stats: 15.7 ppg, 11.6 rpg
Scout’s take: “High character, tremendous motor and will rebound the ball at a high level on both ends in any league. He does all the dirty work. While I don’t think he can be your best player, I do believe he can be a starter on a Top 25 team.”

13) Amauri Hardy, 6-2, 190, SG, Jr., UNLV
Stats: 14.5 ppg
Scout’s take: “Dynamic ball-in-hand guard. Outstanding finisher at the rim and very capable from 3. He can definitely play at the high-major level.”
Schools: Oregon,  Seton Hall, Maryland, Arizona, Arkansas, Kentucky, TCU, Wake Forest, USC, Arizona State

14) Terrell Gomez, 5-8, 165, G, Grad, Cal State Northridge
Stats: 19.8 ppg
Scout’s take: “He has unlimited range, doesn’t hunt shots and plays with toughness and confidence. He’s not a primary ball handler, but can initiate offense with him and then run him off screens. Doesn’t get rattled.”
Schools: Arkansas, Iowa State, San Diego State, Washington State

15) Rich Kelly, 6-1, 175, PG, Jr., Quinnipiac
Stats: 16.7 ppg, 4.5 apg
Scout’s take: “High-IQ point guard with great vision and deep range. Really good playing off ball screens.”

16) Isaiah White, 6-7, 205, G, RS Jr., Utah Valley
Stats: 14.5 ppg, 8.4 rpg
Scout’s take: “Athletic, tough, and really competes. Although an inconsistent shooter, he scores by running the floor, direct drives and offensive rebounding.”

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17) Darius Perry, 6-2, 195, PG, Jr., Louisville
Stats: 5.2 ppg, 2.5 apg
Scout’s take: “Good quickness, doesn’t play vertically, but has speed. Better shooter than people realize. More of a 2 than a 1, goes through stretches where he makes poor decisions with the ball — especially against pressure. Would be best in an up-and-down situation. Can be a double-figure scorer in the right high-major situation if he plays a lot and is allowed to rip it on both ends.”
Schools: Alabama, Arizona State, Gonzaga, Iona, Iowa State, Marquette, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Oregon, San Diego State, Seton Hall, Texas, Wichita State

18) Patrick Tape, 6-10, 230, PF, Sr., Columbia
Stats: 11.3 ppg, 5.9 rpg (2018-19)
Scout’s take: “Strong, physical, aggressive post. Scores most of his points around the basket: post-ups, drop-offs, rolling to rim. Has significantly improved his feel & touch around the basket in his three years [with] jump hooks. Not much of a perimeter shooting presence, but can handle the ball well enough to facilitate offense. Protects the rim on defensive end. Ideal 5-man for a team that needs someone who is tough, strong, and plays a role well.”

19) Drew Buggs, 6-3, 195, G, Grad, Hawaii
2019-20 stats: 9.4 ppg, 5.4 apg, 4.5 rpg
Scout’s take: “The consummate competitor and leader. Really understands his abilities and plays to them. His greatest strength is his ability to be a floor general and set his teammates up. Plays with great pace and rhythm, great court vision and ability to pass. Weakness is his shooting ability.”
Schools: San Diego State, Gonzaga, Arkansas, Xavier, Iowa State, Utah State, Fresno State, UTEP, Colorado State, Northwestern

20) Charles Minlend, 6-4, 210, G, RS Jr., San Francisco
Stats: 14.4 ppg
Scout’s take: “He’s a scorer, a high volume guy who needs to work on being more consistent with his shot. When he’s willing to facilitate, he adds a dimension to his game.”

21) Kobe Webster, 6-0, 160, PG, Jr., Western Illinois
Stats: 17.1 ppg, 3.6 apg
Scout’s take: “He’s gotten better each year, and has the ultimate green light. Scores at all three levels. Prefers to play off the bounce to pull-ups. Bad-shot taker, and bad-shot maker. Really good in ball-screen actions and in transition. Played hard and with a purpose.”

22) Tahj Eaddy, 6-2, 165, G, RS Jr., Santa Clara
Stats: 9.1 ppg, 2.1 apg
Scout’s take: “Skilled combo guard. Very quick and explosive off the bounce. Great range and good from 3. Best in transition and a solid decision-maker.”

23) Ferron Flavors Jr., 6-3, 190, SG, RS Jr., Cal Baptist
Stats: 13.5 ppg, 3.5 rpg
Scout’s take: “Elite shooter with deep range, and a good one-dribble pull-up. He actually shoots a higher percentage when the shot is contested. Needs to think the game better, and give more of an effort on defense but can really help a team offensively.”

24) Nate Johnson, 6-3, 180, SG, Jr., Gardner-Webb
Stats: 13.5 ppg
Scout’s take: “Nate Johnson is a big-time shooter who worked to make himself a good shooter. Really developed in his time at Gardner-Webb. I think he’s a specialist at the high-major level.”

25) Quan Jackson, 6-4, 180, G, Grad, Georgia Southern
Stats: 13.6 ppg
Scout’s take: “Very aggressive and athletic wing who is an effective downhill transition player. Needs to become a more consistent perimeter shooter.”
Schools: North Texas, URI, Wake Forest, Arkansas, Cincinnati, Georgia, Oregon State, ETSU, FAU, FIU, Stephen F. Austin, Cal State Fullerton

26) Ryan Betley, 6-5, 200, SG, Sr., Penn
Stats: 11.6 ppg, 5.8 rpg
Scout’s take: “Good size and has gotten stronger. Shoots at a high level, but not elite. Has some craftiness to his finishing and good cutter. Good positional defense but not great otherwise. Good rebounder.”
Schools: Arizona, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Oregon State, VCU, Toledo, Colorado State, Louisville, USC, Utah State, Hofstra

27) Chavez Goodwin, 6-9, 225, PF, RS Jr., Wofford
Stats: 11.9 ppg, 6.2 rpg
Scout’s take: “Long and athletic, decent rim protecter, scores around the basket, cannot step out, cannot make FT’s, defense ahead of offense, bad body language when behind. Not a HM player.”

28) Mattias Markusson, 7-3, 261, C, RS Jr., Loyola Marymount
Stats: 10.2 ppg, 6.3 rpg (2018-19)
Scout’s take: “High-character young man. Legit 7-3. Good hands and a double-double guy. Works hard and driven to be good. Tremendous shooting touch.”
Schools: Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Southern Miss, Minnesota, San Diego State, Arizona State, Washington State, Arkansas, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Boise State, Seton Hall, Utah, Louisville, Texas Tech

29) Ian DuBose, 6-4, 210, SG, Jr., Houston Baptist
Stats: 19.0 ppg, 7.3 rpg
Scout’s take: “Good size, can score all three levels, and he’s creative — more athletic than you think. But they [Houston Baptist] play as fast as they can, so his stats are a little skewed. He’s disinterested on defense at best, but that’s more because of their team and style.”

30) Evan Cole, 6-10, 230, F, Grad, Georgia Tech
2019-20 stats: 4.4 ppg, 3.6 rpg
Scout’s take: “Tremendous cutter/slasher who loves to crash the offensive glass and get out in transition. Best with movement and playing downhill, has struggled finding his perimeter shooting consistency. Tough kid who is capable of guarding bigger guys and can surprise you guarding better athletes.”
Schools: BYU, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Boston College, Santa Clara, ETSU, Boise State, URI, Wichita State, Washington State

31) Jalen Johnson, 6-6, 195, F, Grad, Tennessee
2019-20 stats: 3.5 ppg
Scout’s take: “Freaking leaping athlete who is a better shooter than his numbers suggest. Good defender and teammate. Struggles handling the ball. Will have a big impact at a mid-major.”

32) Devin Gage, 6-2, 190, SG, RS Jr., DePaul
Stats: 9.1 ppg, 3.0 rpg, 3.9 apg (2018-19)
Scout’s take: “Big, strong and physical guard who can really defend on the ball. Can get downhill in the paint. Needs to improve his perimeter shot.”
Schools: Pacific, Oregon State, Cal, Minnesota, Radford, Milwaukee, San Diego, Iowa State

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