Trash & Treasure Ep. 29 – The NFL Draft, The Last Dance and Aliens w/ Stephen Nelson

Trash & Treasure explores the reality of life within the entertainment, television, and sports media industry. The show features Amina Smith, a hybrid journalist within sports and entertainment, along with Michael Felder, who provides expertise as a football savant specializing in college football.

Both Michael and Amina’s perspectives will be uniquely highlighted through candid discussions and storytelling. Special guests and collaboration from notable names within the industry will appear on the pod. Trash & Treasure brings humorous, personal, and authentic insights into what life is really like for those who create and are seen on television.

On this week’s episode, special guest Stephen Nelson of MLB and NHL Network joins us to talk industry trends. Also, Amina and Felder talk about the NFL Draft and aliens in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

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