What’s the Scheduling Plan for College Basketball’s 32 D-1 Conferences?

Some conferences have already announced their scheduling plans for college basketball this upcoming season, while others have made decisions but have yet to make it official. Then there’s the leagues that still haven’t decided what they are doing.

Here’s what we have compiled through reaching out to Division I commissioners, league personnel, athletic directors and coaches. And, of course, in the current climate, everything is tentative and subject to change.

ACC | 20 games (starts Dec. 12; 2-3 games in December)

BIG EAST | 20 games (starts Dec. 11; 4-5 games in December)

BIG TEN | 20 games (starts Dec. 13)

BIG 12 | 18 games (2 games in December)

PAC-12 | 20 games (2 games each team in December)

SEC | 18 games (starts Dec. 29)

AAC | 20 games (3 window dates in December- 14-17, 21-23, 28-31)

A-10 | 18 games (starts Dec. 9)

MOUNTAIN WEST | 20 games – games against same team at same venue with one-day break in-between

WCC | 16 games (starts Dec. 31)

AMERICA EAST | 18 games (starts Dec. 19-20) double round-robin, Saturday and Sunday with team hosting same opponent, open weekends in season to accommodate postponed games) –

ASUN | 16 games, Friday and Saturday games at the same site (starts Dec. 31)

BIG SKY | 20 league games (one set games Dec. 3-5, then New Year’s weekend; will play 2 games at same venue the same weekend)

BIG SOUTH | 20 games with 2 likely before Christmas (Dec. 9-22), back to back days and play opponent at same location

BIG WEST | 20 games (starts Dec. 27) with teams playing same opponent on consecutive days at one site. Majority of games will be Friday and Saturday

CAA | 18 games (starts Jan. 2) teams will play same opponent on same site on consecutive days, primarily Saturday’s and Sunday’s

C-USA | 18 games (starts Dec. 31), Friday and Saturday games; schools will play two games per visit at four select C-USA schools and host four select teams for a two-game series, while playing a rival opponent one time home and away

HORIZON LEAGUE |20 league games (Starts Dec. 19); back to back games with same team either Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun

IVY LEAGUE | No games this season

MAAC | 20 games (starts Dec. 8) – Fri. and Sat. games at same venue against same team

MAC | 20 games (Some games moved to December)

MEAC | 16 games (Starts Jan. 2) – two divisions, play only teams in division; games played on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday’s

MISSOURI VALLEY | 18 games (starts Dec. 30)

NEC | 18 games (starts Dec. 8), same team, same site, back to back games, primarily Thursday and Friday’s

OVC | 20 games (one league game in December), play every team once and nine teams twice, Thursday and Saturday games

PATRIOT LEAGUE | Jan. 2 – same opponent, consecutive days

SOCON | 18 games, double-round robin (starting Dec. 30)

SOUTHLAND | 16 games (starts Jan. 2) – Still playing Wed. and Sat.

THE SUMMIT | 16 games (starts Jan. 2, Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday with two games at one site with same teams)

SUN BELT | 18 games (starts Jan. 1, games back-to-back on Friday and Saturday at same location)

SWAC | 18 games (starts Jan. 2, games on Saturday’s and Monday’s)

WAC | 16 games (starts Jan. 7) – back to back games at same site on Friday-Saturday’s

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